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Safely uKnighted Reopening Plan



Distance Learning Model


When COVID-19 became our reality last March, our school quickly planned and pivoted to a creating and implementing a dynamic Distance Learning program for K4-8th grade students that continued to meet their academic and social-emotional needs. Just as the pandemic has changed the way we live our lives each day, the QP community has continued to change the way in which our Distance Learning and Hybrid Learning programs function. Students are able to meet virtually or in-person with their teachers each day for classes and learning that continues to push them towards 21st-century learning skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and communication. Whether they are home or at school, they are engaging with their teacher and peers in order to continue learning, growing, and excelling as teachers meet students where their academic or social-emotional needs are. QP has also implemented more guidance lessons and student service support to help students who may be encountering additional strain in their workload or emotional needs. In these unprecedented times, QP has risen above and continued to provide an academic experience that upholds our mission to teach the whole child, body, mind, and spirit.

Current Phase:

Queen of Peace will resume Virtual Learning on January 4th. We plan to begin Phase 4 of our Reopening Plan on Monday, January 11th. Our Covid task force meets each week to look at data and make recommendations.

Covid Task Force

Please click HERE for a list of our Covid Task Force Members.